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The hero of the story. Two versions of this character appear in the series; the one we first meet is a clone (later known as "The Clone") created by Fei Wong Reed, while the original was kept imprisoned. They share basic character traits. The real Syaoran is the son of the "Sakura" and "Syaoran" clones. He is voiced by Miyu Irino and Jason Liebrecht in the English dub.

Clone Syaoran: "The Clone": The protagonist of the 1st half of the story. He is an excellent martial artist and an aspiring archaeologist with extensive knowledge of various languages, histories, and artifacts. His right eye is blind; sometimes, in mysterious dreams, he can see out of the eye and look at a person he recognizes as himself in endless mirrors (see above). Syaoran was found in his childhood wandering the streets without a memory, before he was discovered and adopted by Fujitaka (Sakura's father in Cardcaptor Sakura), who recently passed away, leaving his foster son to continue his great work. He obtained his sword Hien during his stay at Ōto, which he learned to use from Kurogane, and learned his fighting abilities from now-enemy Seishirō, who can also travel between worlds and says he is looking for vampires. As a clone, he has no mind or consciousness and exists only to collect all of Sakura's feathers and to return them to her. Of all the clones created by Fei Wong Reed, he is the closest to what Fei Wong Reed intended. Although he has no magic of his own, he does, however, possess the ability to store and use magic. After the real Syaoran was released and arrived in Tokyo to face him the clone gouged out one of Fay's eyes in order to absorb his magical power. In chapter 209-210 he started to rebel against Fei Wong and died protecting Syaoran, as he was dying he gave the feathers he had gathered to Syaoran and apologized to everyone. In chapter 219-220, it has been revealed that being a clone he can have a second life along with the Clone Sakura. In chapter 221, life was given back to the clones and their rebirth was featured with a happy reunion in chapter 222, when he and Sakura (rebirth clone) met in Hong Kong. As of chapter 223 it has been shown the rebone clone Syaoran has become the father of the reborn original Syaoran in order to proceed to "that time" once again.

Real Syaoran: "Syaoran": The protagonist of the 2nd half of the story. Kept asleep in a liquid chamber at Fei Wong Reed's palace, with his left eye covered by an eyepatch, his hands and arms by binding spells and wearing clothes marking Fei Wong Reed's bat symbol. In fact, this Syaoran is the original while the Syaoran at Sakura's side is only a clone that Fei Wong Reed created. This Syaoran is of Clow Reed's bloodline, the son of Sakura and Syaoran from another dimension (which are actually the clones of Sakura and Syaoran given a new life in chapter 222), and can thus use magic. He gave his eye and with it half of his heart to his clone to stop Fei Wong's plan temporarily, hoping that this action could create a true heart in the clone. Because he had given his eye, Syaoran was able to witness all the events the clone did. He was depicted as a villain (it was believed that he was controlling the clone's actions, while it was only the clone's true nature showing) until it was discovered that the protagonist Syaoran is his clone. Now the real Syaoran is the story's protagonist. This Syaoran is able to summon a sword, the same one used by his father and he also uses the same spells.


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The Princess of Clow Country. Sakura is a cheerful, selfless, and stronghearted being. She states if there was ever something that she could do, she would try her absolute best. She possesses a mysterious power, namely her "wings" that can actually change the world, though no-one understands what that means. Her wings are the manifestation of her soul, namely her heart and memories. She is targeted by Fei Wong for that very power. After losing her memories, Syaoran gave up their relationship in order to save her. Meaning, even if she regains all of her memories, the one that she would never retrieve would be the knowledge of Syaoran's existence. She is unusually excellent at games of chance, whether it's her mysterious power or, as Chun Hyang mentioned in the Country of Koryo, extremely lucky from being "a favorite of the gods," meaning she gets such good fortune from being one of the gods' favorite daughters. Her main goal is to find the clone of Syaoran, who has now separated from the group. Later in the series, Sakura makes a deal with Yūko which leads to the inability to use her right leg and the loss of her status as 'a favorite of the gods.' It allows her to separate her body and soul, with her soul journeying to the Dream World, where she communicates with Watanuki Kimihiro regularly, while her body remains with her traveling companions. When her soul is destroyed in a battle between the two Syaorans, it turns out that the Sakura who was traveling is in fact a clone of both the real body and soul created by Fei Wong Reed in order for her "body" to retain memories of the worlds visited. The real Sakura's soul was seen at the end of chapter 178 [in a flashback], being released into the tube that looks identical to the one from the beginning of Tsubasa. Sakura is a crossover character from Cardcaptor Sakura. She is voiced by Yui Makino in Japanese and Monica Rial in the English dub.

Fay D. Flourite

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A laid-back mage from the Country of Selece. He is on the run from King Ashura (a crossover character from RG Veda), whom he put into a near-eternal slumber. Although he seems happy-go-lucky and pretends to know less than he does, there is more to him than meets the eye. His assistant in Selece, currently guarding against the awakening of Ashura, is a very organic-looking Chī (a crossover character from the series Chobits) It is also revealed that Fay created Chī according to his mother's looks. Fay is later turned into a vampire at Kurogane's request, to save his life after Syaoran stole his left eye and half his magic. Because he drank Kurogane's blood mixed with the vampire Kamui's, he is able to feed only from Kurogane. During the Selece arc, it is revealed that the Fay from the beginning of the series is actually named Yūi. Fay and Yūi were twins born in a country where twins were bad omens; it was decided that as long as the twins were miserable, the country would flourish. So, Fay was placed into a tower while Yūi was placed into the pit of sinners. This situation is manipulated by Fei Wong Reed; he makes a deal to each of the twins that if one of them were to die, he'd free the other and so, Fay sacrificed his life to release Yūi. Yūi then becomes 'Fei Wong Reed's pawn' and has two curses placed upon him: one that states if there should ever be someone with greater magic than him, he must kill the person and the other (that activates with Ashura's death) that uses him as the core and closes off all worlds to those who are near him as well as himself. When he first meets Ashura, he states his name as 'Fay' in order to keep his brother 'alive'. He uses one of Sakura's feather in order to keep Fay's body alive and all his efforts were to work towards reviving his brother, which ultimately prove to be futile. The tattoo taken by Yūko at the beginning of the series is considered to be Fay's most important object because he was told that it was a countermeasure against his first curse. However, in reality, as using his magic drains him of his life, the tattoo was actually saving him, instead of others, as it kept his magic from taking too much of his life. Fay is an original character and is not from any other Clamp work. Supposedly, his last name "Fluorite", was given to him when King Ashura holds up a fluorite stone in the manga. In Japanese, he is voiced by Daisuke Namikawa and by Vic Mignogna in English.


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A rough-mannered ninja from the world of Nihon (ニホン?, lit. Japan), a world based on ancient Japan, exiled for his recklessness. He originally possessed the replica of Ginryū, a sword, before giving it to Yūko as price for his deal with her. He obtained a new sword in Ōto called the Sōhi, and taught Syaoran the skills of sword fighting and sensing attacks from the left. In the grand scheme of the series, he is considered 'Yūko's pawn'. Fei Wong Reed murdered Kurogane's mother in an attempt to make a deal with him, his servitude for the return of his mother. However, this plan was thwarted by Yūko and Tomoyo when Yūko warns Tomoyo of this event. This warning leads to Tomoyo ending Kurogane's mad rampage and Kurogane becoming one of her ninjas. He also acquired the Ginryū replica from Tomoyo as the original was to be buried with his mother in place of his father's corpse. Kurogane is an original character and is not from any other Clamp work. He is voiced by Tetsu Inada in Japanese and Chris Sabat in English.

Mokona Modoki

Mokona Modoki (モコナ=モドキ?) refers to two rabbit-like creatures created by Yūko Ichihara and Clow Reed in preparation for the events in Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle and xxxHolic, as well as to stop Fei Wong Reed's plans and save "two futures". The white Mokona travels with Syaoran's group, while the black Mokona stays in Yuko's shop. Both are based upon the original Mokona, who Yūko and Clow encountered while Mokona was traveling through different worlds. Mokona provided Yūko and Clow with the knowledge of alternate dimensions. The white Mokona, whose real name is Soel, is given to Syaoran's group by Yuko in exchange for their most-valued possessions. He has many abilities, including traveling to different worlds, teleporting objects from one world to another, sensing strong auras, and allowing people from other worlds to communicate. He also prides himself on his "108 Secret Skills" that include things like voice imitation. With the help of the black Mokona, the white Mokona is able to stay in contact with Yūko, though he also speaks to the black Mokona during their dreams. The Mokonas are voiced by Mika Kikuchi in the Japanese and Carrie Savage in the English version. Mokona is responsible for locating Sakura’s feathers, and whenever one is around, it goes "mekkyon" for an instant, which alerts the others. Mokona is a very cheerful, optimistic and energetic being, and loves to tease Kurogane, who occasionally uses violence to get back at him. He has a red earring, which is used to enhance magical power. It is used to help Kurogane and Fay escape the closing Selece Country.


Fei Wong Reed

(Also Romanized as Fei Wang Reed[1]) is a mysterious and powerful villain who is after Sakura's feathers. He is later revealed to be a direct descendant of Clow Reed and well aware of the powers of the Dimension Witch. He was the one who imprisoned the real Syaoran and created the Syaoran who is the protagonist of Tsubasa. Though he already possesses the power to cross dimensions like the High Priest of Clow and Princess Tomoyo, he seeks the power of Sakura's wings to "bring back a dream that has already ended" which is foreshadowed in Tsubasa and ×××HOLiC to involve reviving someone who was kept on the brink of death. He is ruthless in pursuing this dream and not care on how much blood has to be shed to get that power; those he has killed (or arranged to be killed) include Kurogane's mother, Xing Huo and the real Fay. His true objective is not to obtain Sakura's feathers; rather, the scattering of Sakura's memories was to force her to travel between dimensions so her physical memories would contain a map of the dimensions. This is necessary, in combination with the ruins below Clow Country, to grant Fei Wong's wish. In Chapter 122 of xxxHOLiC, Yūko reveals in a monologue that he is responsible for the soul stealing entities featured in Volume 5. Also, in Chapter 181 of Tsubasa, Yūko also reveals that this was when she discovered his whereabouts and that he needs the souls for the sake of his dream. Following the souls leads to his location. In the original Japanese adaptations, Fei Wong Reed is voiced by Kazuhiro Nakata. For the English dub of the anime adaptation, Fei Wong Reed is voiced by Randy Tallman in first season and in the second season and by R. Bruce Elliott in the second season. It has also been revealed in chapter 178 of Tsubasa that the Sakura travelling with the Tsubasa group is, in fact, a clone. He has kept the real Sakura's soul alive for the sake of his dream, but the body has "disappeared" (although, in another translation it says her body was "destroyed"). Clone Sakura's soul has been killed, though he still needs her body which was taken by his assistant Kyle Rondart. In chapter 181 a revelation was made: His location. He is located in a "cut-off" time of Clow Country, from the words of Yūko. It was revealed that Fei Wong had placed a seal of death upon the original Sakura in order to aid the granting of his wish. Fei Wong revealed in subsequent chapters that Clow Country was the same as Tokyo, and that the person he was attempting to bring back has suffered the same fate as Sakura. But when Syaoran breaks the cycle, Fei Wong uses Sakura's powers to destroy much of the world's logic until Clone Sakura and Clone Shaoran intervened and Fei Wong's plan is defeated with the damaged he caused undone. It has recently been revealed that the person he wished to revive was, in fact, the dimension witch Yūko. Affection for the dimension witch does not seem to be his reason for wishing to resurrect her; rather, he indicates that he sees this act as his only chance of proving his superiority over his descendant, Clow Reed.

Xing Huo

Fei Wong's assistant. Not much about her is known besides the fact she is Fei Wong's assistant and was somewhat also a "failed creation". However, as the story progresses her character has more depth. In Volume 15 of the manga, she helps the real Syaoran go to Yūko after he awakened (Volume 09 of ×××HOLiC), but stated she can only do it once. Her reason to him was, "The dream has to end." She is killed by Fei Wong shortly afterward, using the same blade used to kill Kurogane's mother. Her helping Syaoran was inevitable, as Fei Wong Reed states, "Considering your origins, I suppose it couldn't have been helped." In Chapter 178 she made an appearance in a flashback of her and Fei while he was explaining the clone soul of Sakura, along with other girls who are also crossover characters from other Clamp works. Xing Huo is voiced by Sanae Kobayashi in Japanese and Laura Bailey in English.

Kyle Rondart

An agent of Fei Wong Reed, first introduced in Jade Country as the good doctor who was helping the village with their problems around the time the children started vanishing. He seems kind and sincere at first, but we later find out that through hypnotism he was the one that sends the children (most of them his patients) to the old castle to dig out Sakura's feather. He re-appears in Piffle World as the very same person, knowing that Syaoran and his friends will likely assume he is just another incarnation of himself. In Piffle World he tries to sabotage the race to get Sakura's feather, but later escapes without it. Kyle has recently returned, kidnapping the Clone Sakura's body and taking the feather after her soul was destroyed. Upon his leaving, Syaoran desperately calls out for him to wait, but it is too late. In chapter 211 he is seen along with Fei Wong and Clone Sakura's body. When Syaoran and his companions finally reach Fei Wong's hiding place, Kyle is sacrificed to protect his master. Kyle Rondart is voiced by Mitsuru Miyamoto in Japanese and Troy Baker in English.

Recurring Characters

Yūko Ichihara

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Also known as the Witch of Dimensions or the Space−Time Witch, who resides in modern day Japan, but her shop is technically connected to all dimensions, including the Dream World. She owns a shop In ×××HOLiC, which can grant people their wishes if they can pay the equivalent price. Although Yūko is extremely powerful, to the point of being able to create gods, she cannot act without the request of another beforehand, regardless of whether the events she wishes to pass are selfless or not. She works against Fei Wong Reed. Yūko is revealed to have suffered a fate exactly the same as the original Sakura in that her own time had been stopped to prevent her death. She breaks Sakura and Syaoran Li ("Syaoran"'s parents) from the 'world' they were in (the tube in her shop), saying that she will pass on their power. After playing her part to help the Tsubasa crew against Fei Wong Reed, her time moves again, bringing an end to her life. Yūko Ichihara is voiced by Sayaka Ohara in Japanese and Colleen Clinkenbeard in English.

Kimihiro Watanuki

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Yūko's employee whose story is told in ×××HOLiC is deeply connected with the events in Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE. He was present when the clone Syaoran and his party first arrived at Yūko's shop and had conversations with the clone Sakura during his dreams. After escaping his confinement, the real Syaoran was one of the three people who paid a price to save his life after he suffered a serious accident. Watanuki and Syaoran were originally the same being, Watanuki being created when Syaoran paid the price for turning back time, a dimensional rift being created because of this, Watanuki was then born to Syaoran's parents instead of him, while he was taken hostage by Fei Wong, until his payment for the wish was fulfilled. Watanuki has paid all of his memories from before meeting Yūko as a price to locate both Sakuras. Voiced by Fukuyama Jun.


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A mysterious traveler from Syaoran's past who also gained the power to travel between worlds from Yūko. He is currently searching for the vampire twins and, like his younger brother, he is a treasure hunter, not a vampire hunter like originally believed. His abilities include summoning Oni to fight for him. He is able to perform these abilities with the help one of Sakura's feathers, which Syaoran failed to retrieve in their encounter in Ōto country. An experienced fighter, Seishirō was also the one to teach Syaoran his kicking techniques, and apparently can kick just as well. He first appears in Chapter 41, and later during the Nihon Country arc, discovering that Fay had vampire blood. Initially he thought Fay and his friends knew the location of Subaru, but found they didn't. With this revelation, he intended to leave Nihon, but was challenged by Syaoran for the feather. Seishirō remarks how Syaoran is like his father, Syaoran Li, implying that he has met him during his travels. After Syaoran unleashed his ultimate spell (all four of his elemental spells combined) on Seishirō, he reclaimed the feather and was sent into dreams alone to rescue Sakura's soul. With this, he reveals to Fūma and the others that he was planning on giving the feather to him anyway and starts revealing a kinder, nonviolent side of himself to Fay and Kurogane. He then starts a conversation with them about how dangerously powerful the Clone Syaoran is becoming; but not before he tells them that Syaoran is becoming more powerful as well. Seishirō is a crossover character from Tokyo Babylon and X. Seishirō is voiced by Hiroki Touchi in Japanese and J. Michael Tatum in English.


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Seishirō's younger brother, who is also a treasure hunter and apparent leader of the people of Tokyo Tower. He arrived in Tokyo four years earlier along with a feather of Sakura's. Little is known about him currently, but he does appear to have an interest in Kamui and he seems to be friends with Yūko, for whom he retrieves items for whenever he traverses to different dimensions. Fūma later appeared in Nihon Country to give Kurogane a robotic arm. He then stayed to witness the battle between his brother and Syaoran. Afterward, he teased his brother about his strange actions. Fūma is a cross-over of character from X. In X, he and Seishirō are not blood related. The relationship between Fūma and Kamui is roughly the same in Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle as they share in X. Fūma is voiced by Yūji Kishi.

Princess Tomoyo

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The princess of a feudal country called Nihon who sends the ninja Kurogane on the quest that causes him to join the dimension travelers. Tomoyo is the Tsukuyomi, a powerful miko sorceress responsible for maintaining the wards of Nihon that protect the country from demons. She is also a dreamseer with the ability to see into other people's, to enter another's dreams, can send trans-dimensional messages through dreams and is able to see the future in her dreams. However, she gave up her dreamseer power to Yūko as the price for bringing Kurogane, Fay, Syaoran and Mokona to Nihon. Another incarnation of her appears in Piffle World, where she retains much of her nature from Tomoyo Daidōji in Cardcaptor Sakura. A crossover character from Cardcaptor Sakura. Tomoyo is voiced by Maaya Sakamoto in Japanese and Amber Cotton in English.

King Ashura

The King of Celes, who brought Fay up. Fay places Ashura in an enchanted sleep At the beginning of Tsubasa and transforms Chī to serve as Ashura's guard. Ashura is the reason why Fay seeks to travel to multiple dimensions and avoid returning to Celes. Fay, at one point, says that Ashura 'took him out' of someplace, later revealed to be the place Fay (then Yūi) and his twin were imprisoned in their native country. King Ashura finally wakes up from his sleep in chapter 140. It is then revealed that Ashura regularly went on killing sprees among his subjects, and he intended to invoke Fay's curse (which is to kill anyone stronger than himself) to kill him. He placed a tattoo on Fay which would prevent the growth of his powers, while his own grew with every murder, and he would one day be stronger than Fay. He is later killed by a combined effort from Syaoran, Fay, and Kurogane. King Ashura is a crossover character from RG Veda and should not be mistaken for another crossover character from RG Veda, Ashura-ō of Shura Country, who is this Ashura's son in RG Veda. (Ashura-ō means King Ashura and is a title also used as a name in RG Veda, which both of these characters bear, though there the son is usually referred to as "Ashura".)

Clow Reed

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The sorcerer who is tied to the storyline, but does not appear directly as he is already deceased before the story begins. Clow Reed was the creator of the Clow Cards and the original Sealing Wand (as seen in Cardcaptor Sakura' volume 1) and the co−creator of the two Mokona=Modoki. A crossover character from Cardcaptor Sakura. He and Yūko appear to have had a strained but close relationship. It is later revealed in chapter 220 of the manga that Clow indirectly wished for Yūko to be saved for she was dying. Due to his immense magical power that wish was granted even though he did not wish it to be. This sets a chain of events that causes Clow country's Fujitaka and Nadeshiko's fate to change. The former becoming the clone Syaoran's father and the latter dying. Clow Reed himself becomes the clone Sakura's father to guide her.

Syaoran and Sakura Li

The parents of the protagonist, "Syaoran."(Please note that they are not the Cardcaptor Sakura Syaoran Li and Sakura Kinomoto.) During chapters 220 and 221, Yuuko gives the fallen clones of "Sakura" and "Syaoran" a choice whether or not to be reincarnated. Paying the price along with Clow Reed, Yuuko gives them a new life on a different world while still retaining the memories of their previous one. Eventually the two find each other in Hong Kong, and it is implied they grow up and get married. Syaoran enters the room of Sakura and their newborn son, to see how the two are doing. Sakura tells him that this son is the other "Syaoran." It was this Sakura that had the vision of her son traveling to a different world thus taking him to Yuuko as a result. She gave up the Star Staff, given to her by Cardcaptor Sakura Sakura Kinomoto in a dream, as the price for her son traveling to Clow Country. When "Syaoran" turned back his own time, Watanuki was created in order to fill the void that was made, thus becoming the son of Syaoran and Sakura. They first appear in the beginning of Tsubasa as the Syaoran and Sakura trapped in the glass prison unable to touch each other.

Other Characters

Clow Country


The older brother of Princess Sakura and the young king of the Kingdom of Clow. He is a capable and responsible monarch who, like his counterpart in Cardcaptor Sakura, is rather protective of his younger sister and dislikes Syaoran mostly because Tōya is aware that Sakura and Syaoran are fated to be together. Another version of Tōya appears as a waiter at a restaurant in the Hanshin Republic, the first world that Syaoran and his friends arrive at after their journey begins. Tōya is voiced by Shinichiro Miki in Japanese and Eric Vale in English.


The kind and respectful High Priest of Clow Country and a close friend of Tōya, much like in Cardcaptor Sakura. After Sakura, he has considerable magical powers, including the ability to see into the future, thus the reason why he was chosen to become the country's high priest. He is one of the few people who know Yūko Ichihara as the Witch of Dimensions and is responsible for sending Syaoran and Sakura to her in hopes of recovering Sakura's scattered memories. Along with Tōya, another version of Yukito appears as a waiter at a restaurant in the Hanshin Republic. Yukito is voiced by Kōki Miyata in Japanese and Robert McCollum in English.

Koryo Country

Chun Hyang

A fiery young girl who dares to oppose the corrupt Ryanban, a government official, and his son. Chun Hyang's mother was a powerful sorceress, but was unfortunately defeated by the Kiishim, a sorceress under the control of the Ryanban. Though determined to free her village from the Ryanban, Chun Hyang must accept relying on the strength of Syaoran and his friends to defeat her enemies, though Chun Hyang finds a way to help them deliver the final blow. Chun Hyang is a titular character from CLAMP's interpretation of The Legend of Chun Hyang. Chun Hyang is voiced by Shizuka Itō in Japanese and Luci Christian in English.


A powerful and dangerous sorceress from another world, she is unwillingly forced to serve the Ryanban, whom she despises, because of a gemstone placed on her head. Because of her magical powers, the Ryanban's castle is nearly inpenetrable and the Kiishim has already killed the most powerful sorceress in the area, Chun Hyang's mother. After she is freed from the Ryanban's control by Kurogane, she quickly turns against her former master and his son. Before leaving for her own world, she expresses to Chun Hyang the respect she felt for Chun Hyang's mother and encourages her to be strong. The Kiishim is based on Debonair, a sorceress who appears only in the anime adaption of Magic Knight Rayearth. Kiishim is voiced by Masako Katsuki in Japanese and Luci Christian in English.

Shara/Shura Country


The patron god of the performers of the Yuuka District, led by a strong-willed young woman named Suzuran. However, Ashura-ō's statue supposedly brings calamity to the Shara Country, much to Suzuran's grief. When Syaoran and Sakura are suddenly transported to the past, they learn that Ashura-ō was the leader of a clan in opposition to the clan of Yasha-ō, whom Ashura-ō cared a great deal for. Like several other characters, Ashura-ō is able to contact Yūko Ichihara in order to fulfill a wish. Because of Syaoran's actions in the past, the circumstances that divided Ashura-ō and Yasha-ō in the present are resolved and create a different Shara upon their return to the present. Ashura-ō is based on the genderless protagonist of RG Veda. Ashura-ō is voiced by Takako Honda in Japanese and Tiffany Grant in English.


The patron god of the shrine in the Shara Country, protected by an even-mannered priest named Sōseki. Inexplicably, the statue of Yasha-ō cries tears of blood each time a disaster in Shara occurs and the phenomenon is blamed on the Ashura-ō statue in the Yuuka District. In the past, Yasha-ō had been killed by Ashura-ō, but Ashura-ō in his grief had wished for Yasha-ō to continue existing, forcing an unfortunate war between their clans to continue. When Ashura-ō's true wish is finally granted, Syaoran and his friends' actions change the past and result in the two statues of Ashura-ō and Yasha-ō to remain together, bringing the performers of the Yuuka District and men at the shrine to live together peacefully under the patronage of both gods. Yasha-ō appears as a main character in RG Veda, where he also shared a close relationship with Ashura-ō. Yasha-ō is voiced by Yasunori Masutani in Japanese and Robert McCollum in English.



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One of the vampire twins that Seishirō is hunting, he seems to be the only one whom Seishirō is interested in. Upon arriving in the world of Tokyo, Subaru fell asleep and does not awaken until Syaoran and his friends arrive. He is the protagonist of the manga Tokyo Babylon and also plays an important role in X where he is one of the Seven Seals. Subaru is voiced by Hiro Shimono.


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The other of the vampire twins whom Seishirō is hunting. His true identity is revealed when he attacks Syaoran's clone in an attempt to use his blood to awaken Subaru. Kamui is originally the protagonist in the manga X. He and Subaru gained the power to traverse dimensions together from Yūko. It should be noted that while Subaru really had a twin in the original Tokyo Babylon and X stories, it was not Kamui; in fact Subaru and Kamui were not even of the same age. Instead, Subaru had a twin sister named Hokuto, who, even though she was a major character in Tokyo Babylon and also appeared In X, has yet to make an appearance in Tsubasa. Kamui is voiced by Mamoru Miyano.

Anime only


Chaos is voiced by Kenshō Ono in Japanese and Josh Grelle in English.

Crossover Characters

Using the ideas of Osamu Tezuka and his Star System, the series contains various crossover characters from many of Clamp's series, including most notably Cardcaptor Sakura, RG Veda and ×××HOLiC from which the main characters are derived.[2] As of May 2007, Wish and Shirahime-shō are the only Clamp titles to not have a crossover with either ×××HOLiC or Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle. Miyuki of Miyuki-chan in Wonderland appears in almost all the major worlds the group visits usually with a piece of toast in her mouth or another bread product. As Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle takes place in a fictional multiverse, almost all the characters seen are not the same as the characters from their original works, although they do have the same personality and relationships with other characters. However one of the universes (out of the many that the protagonists visit) takes place in the same fictional universe as ×××Holic and Cardcaptor Sakura; thus the Yūko, Watanuki, Maru, and Moro are in fact the same characters as their counterparts. Sakura Kinomoto appears briefly in a flashback during chapter 217, wherein she gives her staff to Sakura Li, thereby debunking the popular theory that the Lis were the Card Captor Sakura versions of the characters.

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